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Collin Eisenbarth

Collin Eisenbarth


A native of Chillicothe, Illinois, Collin likes to stay active through running, lifting, cycling, basketball, and pickleball. He is currently training for the 2024 Charlevoix, Michigan Marathon.

Collin supports his local communities by volunteering at the Church of Christ Northwest and Bloomington Bible Church.

Collin is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in Finance with a minor in Financial Planning and Insurance at Illinois State University. As a member of the Illinois State Students in Finance (ISSF), he is gaining valuable experience in the field he is passionate about - helping people own their own time, which he cites as his favorite part of the work.

Collin is a self-proclaimed “die-hard Packers fan,” A favorite quote that motivates him is from Warren Buffett: "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you'll work until the day you die."

Fun Facts:

  • Collin ran an impressive 4:59 mile back in 8th grade
  • His “bucket list” item would be to complete an Ironman