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29 Sept
Wealth Distribution - The Final Installment of our Guide To Retirement


You have worked your whole life to save for retirement; that time when financial independence is finally within reach or is at your doorstep now. But many times, the most dangerous part of climbing a mountain is navigating the perils of coming down from the top. Join us as we discuss the realities you may face as you head into retirement and later in life in the final installment of our Guide to Retirement – Wealth Distribution.

How do I replacing my income when I quit working? What if ‘the market’ goes down after I retire? Do I really need to be concerned with inflation? How can I be sure that my assets and investments will last for my entire lifetime? We will address each of these important questions in this live Zoom meeting on Tuesday, September 29th, at noon. (Central standard time.)

We will be answering questions submitted to us via email prior to the event at 

We have scheduled the event to last for 30 minutes plus Q&A.

Please forward this to a friend you think might be interested in this event.

Date and Time

Tue, Sep 29, 2020

12:00p - 1:00p CST


Virtual Meeting Via Zoom


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