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Charity Endowment Calculator

Charity Endowment Calculator

A charitable endowment is an sum of money that is donated or accumulated at an organization for the purpose of funding a specific cause or organization indefinitely. Many times endowments are created by gifting a lump sum to a charitable organization at one time. (Many times after a death of a donor.) However, making gifts during your lifetime can be very rewarding for you and for your the charitable cause of choice. We have created a charitable endowment calculator to help you visualize how annual contributions to an endowment can help build a lasting legacy for you and the community for generations to come.

Click the link below to download this tool and start building your legacy!

RWM Endowment Calculator

We have included instructions on how to use this calculator below, but we are here to help! Please reach out to our team to schedule a time for us to help you with your charitable giving goals.

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How to Use This Calculator

1. Open RWM Endowment Calculator file in Excel.

2. Go to ‘Input’ sheet – you will only change the values in column B of this sheet. (This is the first tab at the bottom left)

3. Enter the start year for contributions in cell B4.

4. Enter the amount you wish to give in cell B5.

5. Select how often you wish to give this amount in cell B6 from the dropdown menu – you may choose monthly, quarterly, or annually.

6. Select what percentage of your account you wish to distribute to charity at the end of each year during the accrual period in cell B7 from the dropdown menu

(The lower this number is, the higher your annual endowment at the end of term will be.)

6. Select what percent return on investment you expect to earn in cell B8 from the dropdown menu.

7. Select what percentage of your endowment you wish to distribute at the end of each year after the accrual period ends in B9 from the dropdown menu.

8. Observe the results of your selections for different time periods in the ‘Xyr Illustration’ sheets.

(Note that a longer accrual period results in a greater annual endowment at the end of the term.)